Amazon Echo Show 15 Wall-Mounted Smart Display

Written by Sadik Shaikh

Amazon Echo Show 15 is designed to serve as a large wall mounted smart display in the kitchen, making it easy to serve as a digital bulletin board or view who is at your front door via video streaming, check calendar events and manage compatible smart devices.

This model comes equipped with a 15.6-inch display screen and is suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting. Unlike previous models, its unique frame-like look ensures it fits right in with any decor scheme.

Voice control

Amazon’s Echo Show series was originally intended to serve as a digital bulletin board, replacing paper devices such as sticky notes on fridges, newspaper clippings and basic calendars in busy households. Now they may have succeeded with their latest model — the 15″ Echo Show 15. With more features and space than any previous Echo display device.

The 15.6-inch touch screen on older models was an upgrade over its 7-inch predecessors, boasting both a 5-megapixel camera and an improved user interface. This upgrade offers video chatting or checking in on loved ones in or outside the home easily; additionally it can help organize life with sticky note widgets and to-do lists, Visual ID profiles for different family members, as well as separate profiles using Alexa Widgets for each member of your household.

Like other Echo devices, the Echo Show 15 allows you to control a wide array of smart home products using voice command – light bulbs, plugs and switches from various manufacturers can all be managed using this voice-activated assistant. In addition, you can use it to view live feeds from security cameras as well as act as a digital photo frame to showcase art from Amazon or Facebook or collections of stock images.

Setting up the Echo Show 15 should be straightforward. The device ships with a template for wall-mounting, and hardware seems sturdy enough for this option. Before mounting, make sure that you measure your space carefully; at 4 pounds, this picture frame weighs enough that at least a drywall anchor may be necessary to properly anchor its weight.

The device employs the new AZ2 neural edge processor, making it noticeably snappier than other Echo devices. Unfortunately, its home screen still takes some time to respond to taps and swipes compared to modern smartphones – although this should not be considered an issue.

Overall, the experience with Amazon Echo devices is an upgrade from previous generations of Echo devices; however, it still falls short when used as a smart home hub. The user interface often feels disorganized and some features can be difficult to discover even with Amazon’s best efforts at providing helpful tips within it. Visual ID could prove beneficial; however it requires improvements for it to truly become useful.

Visual ID

At 15.6 inches, the Echo Show 15 stands tall among previous Echo devices and was intended to live on walls. This new form factor brings with it new features – most notably Alexa Widgets that can be customized to fit on its large display screen – such as calendar, shopping list and sticky note functionality on its home page, weather forecast/map widget and What to Eat widget which displays recipe recommendations, restaurant delivery choices or Blue Apron meal kit suggestions.

Visual ID is an exciting new addition to Echo Show that enables you to recognize yourself or family members simply by approaching its display. Once recognized, the home screen will change to show personalized greetings, reminders and calendar events tailored specifically for that person – such as recently played music or recent reminders – tailored just for that individual. Enrolling children makes this feature optional – age-appropriate content will only show when recognized; all facial scans are performed directly on device for complete privacy protection.

Add your most-used smart home devices to the home screen and view live views from multiple cameras at the same time using the camera widget. Also act as digital photo frame for artwork or albums from Amazon Photos account, digital photo frames are a digital photo frame to display artwork or albums displayed digital photo frame is smart speaker which allows hands-free calling using Amazon phone number as well as connect with other Alexa devices and make voice calls between family members.

The Echo Show 15 is an ideal solution for anyone seeking a large-screen smart display in their home, though there may be some drawbacks including lower resolution display than what we would prefer for such a device. Overall though, the experience was well executed and worth paying the additional cost over smaller Echo Show devices; especially considering its price point and ability to replace fridge bulletin boards.


Amazon’s Echo Show 15 is its biggest smart display ever made, boasting a 15.6-inch, full HD display that dwarfs previous Show 10 and 8 devices as well as Google Hub Max and Hub 5 devices. Furthermore, this smart display boasts the best resolution and brightness among any Alexa device; designed to be mounted to walls like artwork with its black frame and matte white bezel reminiscent of Samsung’s The Frame TV (along with volume/mute buttons and shutter block functionality) it makes an impressionful piece of wall decor when used alone!

In addition to serving as a smart home center, the Show 15 serves as an entertainment hub. It can stream movies and TV shows from Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and soon Sling TV as well as TikTok videos (coming soon); audiobooks from Audible; ABC News NOW, CBS News NOW, NBC News NOW and The Daily Show news updates, as well as other Amazon Alexa skills – perfect if you have children! Parents can easily manage parental controls for children-specific content displayed.

Unlike some smart displays that rely on third-party apps that may or may not update or improve as quickly, the Show 15 operates using Fire TV OS, an improved version of Android that has seen improvements over the years and brought it closer to Roku and Google TV in terms of operability. That makes it ideal as your primary TV experience but makes accessing other Alexa features/skills/apps more challenging than would otherwise be necessary.

As for streaming, the Amazon Echo Show 15 features two 1.6-inch speakers on either side of its frame for streaming music and voice commands. We enjoyed its audio quality when used in large rooms like living rooms; however, these directional and lacking bass speakers may prove problematic in smaller environments like kitchens or small apartments. External speakers may still provide more sound if needed – although using your Fire TV remote may make the experience feel less seamless when in picture-in-picture mode with TV apps – an unfortunate oversight that we feel should have been implemented sooner!


The Echo Show 15 features a 15.6-inch display designed for wall hanging. Featuring black edges and white mat, its look echoes Samsung’s Frame TV or Facebook Portal but with smaller bezels. Two 1.6-inch speakers deliver adequate albeit somewhat tinny audio while its row of buttons on either top or side provide volume up/down, mute and camera shutter controls.

Widgets enable the Show’s screen to provide an overview of your life at a glance, from calendars and sticky notes to shopping lists and the weather forecast (complete with map that displays temperature and humidity levels), “What to Eat” widget, recipe recommendations and Blue Apron meal kit suggestions.

To add a widget, swipe down from the top of your screen and tap on “Plus.” A gallery of available widgets appears, allowing you to drag-and-drop and rearrange them as necessary. Furthermore, you can customize which widgets are displayed as full screen or tiled layout widgets.

As with other Echo devices, the Show 15 can answer questions, set timers, control smart home devices and display feeds from compatible doorbells and security cameras in picture-in-picture mode. It also supports various music streaming services and uses Alexa voice controls for managing its features and controlling it all from within your own home.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 stands out among smart displays with its user-friendly Fire TV interface and expanded widget options, making it one of the more equitable smart displays available today. While not suitable as your main television in your living room, the Show 15 makes a compelling smart display choice if you need one for kitchen or home office use but can’t afford a bigger model. Recent updates to Fire TV support, more widget options, and Photo Frame mode only add to its charms; though we wish it were easier to rotate horizontally mounted devices for wall mount applications!

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