The Apple Watch Ultra 2 Is a Worthy Upgrade

Written by Sadik Shaikh

Apple’s latest Ultra series iteration is an upgrade over its predecessor thanks to WatchOS 10.

One of the key changes is Double Tap, which lets you use your index finger and thumb to perform over 65 actions with just one tap of either finger. These can range from skipping songs in Music, replying to text messages with your voice response system or starting timers or alarms.

WatchOS 10

Apple’s Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 offer many notable features under the hood, but their main upgrades lie within software. This year’s model offers new watch faces, an improved control center design and double tap gesture functionality to enable quick actions without touching the screen directly.

A larger display also makes possible the new Modular watch face, which utilizes its outer edge to display real-time data such as seconds, altitude or depth. Other features include Night Mode that automatically turns on when it becomes dark, an improved ECG app and support for streaming Siri voice commands. Both Series 9 and Ultra 2 models feature built-in U2 chips equipped with Apple CVC technology which allow wireless headphones and a HomePod to simultaneously be used hands free for audio listening experience.

Other modifications include a smart stack that displays widgets on the watch’s screen, NameDrop feature and revamped Mail app which makes it easier to identify who a message is coming from quickly and easily. Cyclists and hikers will appreciate new Maps features such as topographic maps with elevation details and points of interest; plus Compass app has added features to view route distance, duration and ETA easily. While all these new features can also be found on older models, Series 9 and Ultra 2 make taking advantage of them easier.

Neural Engine

Apple doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with their latest watch; instead, it upgrades your experience by offering improved internal processing power and brighter displays. While they don’t push boundaries as much as could be hoped for – but their latest offering feels like an impressive step forward nonetheless.

The S9 silicon-on-package (SiP) adds increased power and performance, while doubling storage capacity and reducing battery consumption. This translates to a more responsive and fluid user interface when used with iOS, as well as an innovative double tap gesture which utilizes machine learning technology to interpret data from accelerometer, gyroscope and optical heart rate sensors in ways tailored specifically for you body.

Apple recently unveiled hardware updates including an 86-decibel siren to call emergency services, and faster and more accurate LTE connections that support all carriers. They also unveiled improvements that help users navigate outdoor spaces better, including improved on-device Siri capabilities, cycling experiences designed specifically for iPhone, Precision Finding for iPhone (which works with Trail Loop and Alpine Loop bands), Precision Finding for iPad (for those traveling on bike routes), Precision Finding for iPod, Precision Finding for MacBook Air/Pro and Precision Finding for iPod.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 provides all the same adventurous features found on its predecessor: GPS tracking that pinpoints your location in seconds, an emergency button to call for help quickly, water resistance of up to 50 meters deep and taking an ECG reading like an electrocardiogram on the wrist.

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Apple unveiled at their fall event the Ultra 2, an updated rugged Apple Watch designed for outdoor athletes. Featuring a brighter screen and improved processor as well as additional features which could be beneficial upgrades from older Apple Watches, the Ultra 2 offers plenty of potential upgrades for anyone already owning one of them.

The new watch features an optical heart rate sensor activated with a double tap gesture, while it requires the S9 SiP processor for full functionality. This sensor can detect even minute changes in blood flow and will help with fitness tracking and monitoring your health.

This year’s Ultra adds support for an ECG app which can generate a graphic representation of your heartbeat, similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). Unfortunately, this only works when wearing your watch on your wrist; therefore, it shouldn’t replace going into see your doctor directly.

Finally, the watch can now connect to emergency services via its built-in cellular connection and share your location with friends and family. Furthermore, its new Siren app emits an 86 decibel alarm in case of serious accidents to alert assistance immediately.

The new Watch also boasts an innovative “Action Button”, which serves a variety of functions depending on which app it’s being used in. For instance, within Apple Workout, this button can trigger Precision Start while adding waypoints in Compass app. In addition, this button can also launch Siri on-device voice control as well as activate Modular Ultra watch face with horizontal complication slots.

Double Tap Gesture

Double tapping is an effortless way to manage what happens on your screen. All it requires is raising your wrist and tapping both index finger and thumb together quickly two times in succession – the gesture controls whatever feature is in use, such as stopping timers, playing/pauseing music tracks or alarms; answering phone calls; scrolling through Smart Stacks or starting/pausing automatic Workout reminders.

In order to utilize this feature, an Apple Watch Series 9 or later running watchOS 10.1 and an iPhone running iOS 17 or later are necessary. The gesture works best when not moving; however it may become disoriented by factors like walking up or down stairs or wearing bracelets or tattoos on arms and wrists that obstruct its path; also certain features such as ECG Heart Rate Sleep Focus Theater Mode or Water Lock can prevent its execution.

Setup this feature and a small double-tap icon will appear at the top of your display and shake with haptic feedback whenever you perform a gesture. In the menu, it will list all actions which can be initiated via this gesture and allow you to change its settings, such as play/pause or skip.

LTE Connectivity

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 now includes LTE connectivity, giving you the ability to stay connected to your phone and use features such as Siri Remote, Apple Music, and more even without your iPhone nearby. This upgrade is optional; should you decide to enable it, the setup process prompts you to choose your cellular provider.

The S9 chip also allows Double Tap, which enables you to launch apps or start timers by pressing both wrist and Digital Crown simultaneously. Furthermore, on-device Siri – faster Siri functionality that works even without signal from either watch or iPhone – enables voice activation so you can quickly launch apps you need or start workouts/set new waypoints within Compass with voice alone.

Automatic sleep tracking, visible both on your watch (look for the little bed icon in Sleep app) and later through Apple Health is another impressive addition that I wish was built-in to all Apple Watches.

Notable improvements of this second generation watch include a brighter screen and increased storage. Furthermore, its case is now made from 95% recycled aluminum – a welcome change compared to its first gen counterpart – while there are new bands such as the rugged Trail Loop and Alpine Loop bands. I still wish Apple would follow Garmin’s lead and include an actual flashlight feature as part of this device though!

Battery Life

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is their biggest and longest-lasting smartwatch designed specifically to target outdoor athletes. Crafted from recycled titanium, its brighter display provides excellent legibility in harsh conditions, unlike some high-end sports watches which do not provide continuous heart rate monitoring or cell connectivity – yet still offers enough features to be an attractive option for outdoor enthusiasts and endurance athletes.

The two biggest upgrades in the second Ultra are its faster, more powerful S9 chip and brighter display. This latter upgrade doubles brightness from its first iteration at 1,400 nits to 3,000 nits for easy reading in sunlight and other harsh conditions; also, using Low Power Mode doubles battery life up to 72 hours so you can use your watch without losing functionality during outdoor workouts for extended workouts.

Apple made this model more eco-friendly by using lower carbon ocean freight shipping and 100% recycled materials for its band and packaging – these steps bring Apple closer to meeting its goal of carbon neutrality within their supply chains, manufacturing processes and operations by 2030.

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